ESCAPE 2.0 – Online Course

ESCAPE is opening a 100% Online program Summer 2017!


Have You Heard the News? ESCAPE is Now Available 100% Online!
Have You Heard the News? ESCAPE is Now Available 100% Online!

What is the ESCAPE Online Program?

ESCAPE — the Equitable Science Curriculum integrating Arts in Public Education–is a UC Irvine online professional development course funded by the National Science Foundation. The program is designed to be especially powerful in helping teachers address the challenges of teaching science content-specific vocabulary to English Language Learners through multi-modal methods, including hands-on inquiry-based learning, movement/dance, visual art, and music. As a participant you will:

  • Experience and teach engaging, NGSS-aligned, integrated science inquiry and arts-based lessons in
    Earth Science
  • Obtain powerful tools for teaching content-specific vocabulary and reversing scientific misconceptions
  • Join a growing online community of teachers working together to implement arts/science integration
  • Participate in educational research funded by NSF to make impactful changes in elementary education

Online Program Details:

  • ESCAPE is a 1 Year 100% Online Professional Development Program designed for Teachers in Grades 3-5
  • The program provides innovative, fully online professional development in support of teaching science through the arts in Earth Science
  • Teachers participate in a 40-hour online course with 20-hours of follow-up professional development — all offered 100% online!
    • Summer Online Course from June 26, 2017- September 3, 2017 (with the opportunity to complete the course in as few as 5 weeks)
    • 2 unit ongoing professional development & support course (20 hours) offered in the 2017-2018 school year

Program Benefits:

  • Receive a $1,000 yearly stipend or the opportunity to earn 6 UCI university credits – YOUR CHOICE!
  • Earn A Certificate for Teaching Science Through the Arts upon fulfilling all program requirements

Program Requirements:

  • Participate in one online Teaching Earth Science through the Arts course and obtain a minimum grade of ‘C’ or better (4 quarter units or 40 hours).
  • Participate in one follow-up online professional development course and obtain a minimum grade of ‘C’ or better (2 quarter units or 20 hours total per year).
  • Teach with fidelity all lessons that are part of the ESCAPE curriculum.
  • Participate in project evaluation to document the effects of the program on teacher practice and student achievement. Your role in evaluation includes:
    • Complete and return all project-related paperwork (forms, evaluations, etc.) by due dates.
    • Administering student level pre- and post-assessments;
    • Sharing student assessment data;
    • Participating in teacher pre- and post-assessments;
    • Completing lesson reflections with respect to teacher

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